Linow Lake

Linow Lake is one of the tourism object at Tomohon City, North Sulawesi. These famous geothermal tourism object is located + 30 km from Manado City and + 3 km to the west from Tomohon City. The word “Linow” is taken from  the Minahasa language “Lilinowan”, which means a place where water is gathered.

From geological research, the basin of Danau Linow is interpreted as a naturally formed crater from volcanic eruption 0,5 million years ago. Around Danau Linow, we can see various geothermal manifestation such as hot springs, fumarole, and also mud  pool. The manifestations is always monitored to maintain the geothermal system condition. At some places, the water of Danau Linow has a pale green, milky white, or yellowish green colour. These appearance is due the dissolution of rocks by acidic fluid (pH 3).

“Kuntul Perak” birds and Fumarole on the edge of Linow Lake (left), The beautiful scenery of Linow Lake from Café D’Linow (Middle), The scenery of Linow Lake and altered rock (right)

Besides the geothermal manifestation, we can also find the diversity of flora and fauna at Danau Linow and its surroundings. The Lake which surrounded by forests has become a source of life for these creatures. From the observation of UGM Student Community Empowerment SLU-02 (Tim KKN PPM UGM SLU-02 TA 2015-2016)  on July 2015,  has identified 29 species of plants, 27 species of birds and 3 species of dragonflies at Danau Linow and its surroundings.

Around Linow Lake area, we can also learn about geothermal and bio-diversity around it by geothermal information billboards that have been designed and installed by the UGM Student Community Empowerment SLU-02  (Tim KKN PPM UGM SLU-02 TA 2015-2016).

Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Linow Lake area and  its geothermal manifestation and bio-diversity by taking pictures and relaxing at the grass around Linow Lake or  in the D’Linow Café while enjoying its food and beverages.  But visitors are advised  not to touch  the Lake’s water. It because the acidic condition of the Lake’s water, and at some places the temperature  of the Lake can reach up to 85oC.  Conditions in the midst of the waters at Linow Lake is currently unknown.

We can get to the Linow Lake Area by private vehicles. We can also get there by public transportation (Bus or Microbus), but we have to continue the trip on foot with approximately 10 minutes from the Main Road  of  Tomohon City- Minahasa