Lengkoan Hill

One of the hills in North Sulawesi, which located at Leilem Village In Minahasa Regency. Lengkoan hill is a wonderful tourism spot for people who inexperienced in mountain climbing  to enjoy the beautiful mountain sceneries of North Sulawesi. Lengkoan Hill is Located at UTM 51N 701960;137394 and has an altitude of +1111 mdpl.

These beautiful scenery from  the summit of Lengkoan Hill is also completed by the beautiful burst of steams. These steams indicate the geothermal potency in Lahendong Geothermal Field. The steamscomes from the Geothermal natural processes and also the utilization of geothermal energy as power plant by PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy Lahendong.

We can get to the summit of Lengkoan Hill on foot with approximately 30 minutes and also by motorcycle with approximately 15 minutes from Leilem Village. So far, no supporting facilities such as lookouts and guardrail that have been installed yet at the summit of Lengkoan Hill , so visitors should be cautious while enjoying the beautiful scenery from the summit of Lengkoan Hill.

View of Mount Lokon (left), Mount Lokon, Mahawu, and geothermal steams (middle), and Mount Mahawu (right) from Lengkoan Hill summit.

Lengkoan Hill is surrounded by beautiful mountains of North Sulawesi, such as Mount Lokon and Mahawu. The beautiful Celebes Sea are also visible from Lengkoan Hill Summit.

Mount Lokon  itself  is one of the active volcanoes in North Sulawesi. This Mountain located at the Northwest of Tomohon City and has an altitude of + 1.580 mdpl. The name “Lokon” means “the oldest” and “the biggest” from Minahasa Languange, which is “Tua Lokon” or “Tou Tua Lokon”. Whereas Mahawu Mountain is one of the volcanoes in North Sulawesi which located at the east of Mount Lokon. As well as the Mount Lokon, Mahawu is also an active Volcano. The mountain is called “Mahawu” by Minahasa people.Its because the mountain often eject the volcanic ash. Beside “Mahawu”, this mountain is also called “Roemengas”.

Besides Lengkoan Hill, Mount Lokon, and Mount Mahawu. There are many other beautiful Hills and Mountains in North Sulawesi which can be explored, such as Mount Kelabat, Soputan, Dua Sudara, Tampusu, Tolangko, Kaweng, Simbel, Lengkoan, Masarang, and Kawatak.

Geologically, Lengkoan Hill is composed of andesitic and rhyolitic lavas, intercalated with tuffs and breccias (revised from Robert, 1987, and Siahaan, 2003; in Utami et al, 2004 )