Lahendong Pine Forest

Lahendong Pine Forest is one of the geothermal tourism object at Tomohon City, North Sulawesi. This tourism object is completed by the geothermal manifestation such as mud  pools, mud volcanoes, and warm grounds. The gas bubbles is visible near the mud pools which gives the impression of boiling. The smells like rotten eggs derived from the release of H2S gas that occurs naturally.

Mud pools and Warm Ground at Lahendong Pine Forest (left), Mud Volcanoes and Mud pools at Lahendong Pine Forest (Center), Mud pools at Lahendong Pine Forest (Right)

Visitors must keep cautions while enjoying the beauty of Pinus Lahendong scenery because of its slippery ground and acidic waters near it (pH < 3) with the temperature can reach more than 70 ° C.

Around the Pine Forest, we can also learn about geothermal by geothermal information billboards that have been designed and installed by the UGM Student Community Empowerment SLU-02  (Tim KKN PPM UGM SLU-02 TA 2014-2015) and UGM Student Community Empowerment SLU-04 (Tim KN PPM UGM SLU-04 TA 2015-2016