Green House Heating

Application in agriculture

kurva pertanian tumbuhan green house panas bumi geothermalOne of the applications of geothermal energy in agriculture is greenhouse heating. The growth of vegetables or flowers out of season or out of natural climates can be done using technology derived from the research. Several solutions are available to obtain optimum growth based on the optimum growth temperature for each plant, light, CO2 concentration in the room, moisture of soil and air and air movement.





instalasi green house geothermal panas bumi

Heating systems in geothermal greenhouses (From von Zabeltitz, 1986).

The walls of the greenhouse can be made of glass, fiberglass, rigid plastic panels or plastic film. The simplest greenhouses are made of single plastic films, but today many greenhouses using two layers of films with air in between. Heating the greenhouse can be obtained by means of forced circulation of air in the heat exchanger, the hot water flows in the pipes are laid in or on the floor, fin units placed along a wall or under a bench, or a combination of the above methods.

Installation of heating apparatus using air natural convection:

  1. a)      Aerial pipe heating
  2. b)      Bench heating
  3. c)       Low position heating pipes for aerial heating
  4. d)      Soil heating

Installation of heating apparatus using air forced convection: 

  1. e)      Lateral position
  2. f)       Aerial fan
  3. g)      High position duct
  4. h)      Low position duct
Hasil pertanian panas bumi green house geothermal

Some agricultural products are cultivated using green house with geothermal fluid.