Geothermal Festival

Geothermal Festival was held to celebrate the Indonesia’s geothermal potential as both energy resource and tourism asset. The first Indonesian Geothermal Festival was staged in the western bank of the Linow Lake on 6 – 7 August 2015 to soft launch the LGEP (Lahendong Geothermal Education Park). The two-day festival became a social-educational gathering of all geothermal stakeholders in North Sulawesi. The programs in the festival included:

  • Geothermal talk show that allowed a discussion among the geothermal stakeholders in North Sulawesi.
  • Exhibition of geothermal research and development activities by MEMR, PT. PGE, PT. PLN, local enterprise of geothermal direct use, UGM, and UNSRAT.
  • Cultural performances by local school students.
  • Geothermal Fun Trip for local school students, teachers and parents guided by the UGM students. The stop sites included selected thermal manifestations, geothermal fluid production field, the electricity generation plant and the direct utilization plants. All the stop sites have been equipped with the relevant information billboards.

The soft launching of the LGEP was marked by the striking of “tetengkoran” (bamboo alarm instrument) by the Governor of North Sulawesi Province, Dr. Sinyo Harry Sarundajang and the Vice Rector of UGM for Research and Community Empowerment Affairs, Prof. Suratman Worosuprodjo. The result of the early development of the LGEP was then handed symbolically to the Mayor of Tomohon City, Mr. Jimmy F. Eman. A Memorandum of Understanding on the advancement of geothermal development in North Sulawesi involving UGM, Government of North Sulawesi Province, PT PGE, PT PLN, UNSRAT and University of Manado (UNIMA) was signed in this event, witnessed by the Ambassador of New Zealand for Indonesia, H.E. Dr. Trevor Matheson.

Geothermal Festival 2015Some Activities in the Geothermal Festival 2015: Geothermal Talkshow (left), Cultural Performance (center), and Soft Launching of the LGEP (right).

The second Indonesian Geothermal Festival was held at the same place, on 5 – 6 August 2016. The festival highligted the launching of the geothermal website of North Sulawesi that was developed by Geothermal Research Centre UGM. In his remark, the Vice Governor of the Province Mr. Steven O.E. Kandou mentioned that the North Sulawesi Province would like to adopt geothermal festival as their annual tourism agenda, and expeted that the event can help boost the support to geothermal development. The Mayor of Tomohon addressed the importance of the festival as a means of of unifying geothermal stakeholders in the region. The second geothermal festival had agenda that aimed to cultivate the interest of young people to geothermal resource at their backyards. These included the geothermal quiz for senior hugh school students, geothermal picture coloring competition for kindergarten kids and primary schools. Despite the untimely rain during the festival, a geothermal fun trip was run again this year to accommodate the enthusiasm of the students, teachers and parents.

geothermal-festival-2016Some Activities in the Geothermal Festival 2016: Geothermal Picture Coloring Competition (left), Winners of the Geothermal Quiz (center), and Geothermal Fun Trip (right).

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