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The ecosystem in geothermal area is very interesting to be learned. Geothermal area not only has a great energy potential, but also acts as an intact ecosystem that has high biodiversity. The studies that were conducted in the geothermal area usually are still focused on exploiting its energy potential, so that information related to a[…]

Green House Heating

Application in agriculture One of the applications of geothermal energy in agriculture is greenhouse heating. The growth of vegetables or flowers out of season or out of natural climates can be done using technology derived from the research. Several solutions are available to obtain optimum growth based on the optimum growth temperature for each plant,[…]

Small and Medium Industries

For the entire temperature range of geothermal fluids, whether steam or water, can be used for industrial applications. A wide variety of utilizations in industrial applications include process heating, evaporation, drying, distillation, sterilization, washing, melting ice, and salt extraction. Other examples are bottling water and carbonate drinks, paper and vehicle parts production, oil extraction, pasteurization[…]

Kotamobagu Geothermal Prospect

Kotamobagu Geothermal Prospect is located in Bolaang Mongondow Regency, East Bolaang Mongondow Regency, and South Minahasa Regency. There are two locations of geothermal potential in this region, namely Mt. Ambang and Kotamobagu, with a total potential of 100 MW. Lithology of the Kotamobagu region consist of shale and sandstones with an intercalation of Paleogene limestone[…]

Tompaso Geothermal Field

Tompaso Geothermal Field is located in Minahasa. Based on the Decree of the Minister of Mines and Energy No. 560 K/30/M.PE/1987 dated July 20, 1987, Tompaso Geothermal Field is part of the Lahendong – Tompaso Geothermal Working Area (Wilayah Kerja Panas Bumi – WKP). Tompaso Geothermal Field is located approximately 15 km south of the[…]